25 Years of Tea and Desserts.

Redco Foods, Inc. is subsidiary of Teekanne GmbH, the largest herbal and flavored tea company in Europe. Formed in 1985, Redco manufactures and distributes Salada tea, Red Rose tea, and Junket brand dessert mixes from the operations facility in Little Falls N.Y. All manufacturing occurs in Little Falls, NY with Marketing and Sales offices based in Bethlehem, PA.


Redco Foods is owned by Teekanne GmbH of Dusseldorf, Germany. 'Teekanne", which means "Tea Pot", is the premiere brand of specialty herbal and fruit teas in Europe. Inventors of the flow-through tea bag, the majority of tea bags sold in the United States over the last thirty years have been manufactured using Teekanne equipment.

Combining the all-natural benefits of herbal tea with a wellness lifestyle mindset, TEEKANNE Herbal Wellness Teas redefine an entire category. You can indulge in the passion of flavor while savoring the functional, all-natural and antioxidant rich qualities of the herbal blend. In fact, never before has there been a single tea brand committed to helping you live a healthy and happy life. After all, it is our brand promise to bring you enjoyment and indulgence with all the health benefits of tea.



Over 15 varieties of green, white, and black teas. Salada has just successfully rolled out six new functional green tea products to add to the flavorful range of Green Tea. Also new, are a variety of flavored Green Family Size teas, which are now available in select stores throughout the USA.

At Salada, green tea is more than a product, it's who Salada is. That's why Salada is so focused on providing green tea for those who share the same dedication to what is real and natural. It's also why more tea drinkers make the great taste and value of Salada part of their balanced lifestyle.




Red Rose Rich in heritage, Red Rose has a variety of flavors including black, loose, and specialty teas. Red Rose welcomes new Simply Indulgent Teas Peach Cobbler, Cinnamon Sreusel, Lemon Chiffon, and Creme Caramel to its family of Specialty Black teas.

Rich in heritage, Red Rose specializes in black tea. Varieties include Black (Orange Pekoe & Pekoe Cut Black), Black Decaf, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, English Breakfast Decaf, Irish Breakfast, Loose tea, and the newest edition, Specialty Selections Sunset Spice. All varieties come together in a line of fine tea that has something for everyone.

Red Rose carefully selects the best grades of tea from the finest estates the world ... The superior blend of Red Rose is a favorite among tea drinkers because of its expert blending from fine tea estates in Kenya, Ceylon, India, and Indonesia. Strict guidelines are followed to ensure the homogenization, consistency, visual appeal and flavor of each blend. 


These Danish dessert, custard, and ice cream mixes have been in production at the Hansen Island plantfor over 100 years. Junket Ice Cream Mix has been newly reformulated to be all natural and gluten-free.



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