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Redco Foods is owned by Teekanne GmbH of Düsseldorf, Germany. "Teekanne", which means "Tea Pot" in German, is the premiere brand of specialty herbal and fruit teas in Europe. Inventors of the flow-through tea bag, the majority of tea bags sold in the United States over the last thirty years have been manufactured using Teekanne tea-packing equipment.

Combining the all-natural benefits of herbal tea with a wellness lifestyle mindset, TEEKANNE Herbal Wellness Teas redefine an entire category. You can indulge in the passion of flavor while savoring the functional, all-natural and antioxidant rich qualities of herbal blends. In fact, never before has there been a single tea brand committed to helping you live a healthy and happy life. After all, it is our brand promise to bring you enjoyment and indulgence with all the health benefits of tea.