Tea Expertise

Red Rose and Salada, two tea brands each with over a 125 year history.

Red Rose Original Blend was developed in the tradition of quality and consistency. Tea Trader T.H. Estabrooks created the iconic blend in 1894 by sourcing the finest teas from the worlds most premium growing regions around the world. Insuring that the quality would remain consistent, he employed a master tea taster at the time regarded as “the best known tea expert in America”. 

Red Rose Original blend has stayed true to its heritage continuing to source some of the same teas that were used in the original blend.

Taste the difference- What makes Red Rose Original so special? A bold, well rounded taste from teas grown at higher elevation to deliver a distinctive taste experience. Grown in the lush, pure mountain air from India, Africa and Indonesia each individual tea is of a premiere quality by themselves. But when these teas are expertly combined by our master blender the taste experience is elevated to pure perfection. While many competitors use lower cost and quality teas containing stalk, fiber and dust, our teas are harvested from the pure leaf and bud and processed with the utmost  care and attention to detail. From the fragrant aroma, bright coppery color and robust flavor, Red Rose Original Black tea lives up to the tradition and heritage its founder intended.

Salada – Equally steeped in history,  P.C. Larkin had a passion for tea and an uncompromising dedication to quality. His drive for quality led to an innovation in the packaging and transport of tea. At the time tea was packed into wooden tea chests. Tea is extremely susceptible to the absorption of outside aromas; (in fact scented teas are made by placing fragrant material such as flowers in close proximity to the tea so it can absorb the delicate fragrance), Also tea will lose its strength when exposed to the air for an extended period of time. During shipping this created a challenge keeping the tea as fresh as possible. Mr. Larkin developed a foil lined package to retain the freshness and  preserve the flavors of the highest quality teas he purchased.

From basic black tea to herbal teas with exotic ingredients Red Rose and Salada continue to delight its consumers with passion in every cup.

Tea expertise